Energy Concerns


Why conserve energy anyway?

As the world-wide demand for energy rises, common energy-producing fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas are being depleted, and the social, environmental and economic costs associated with energy consumption are increasing. There are no easy solutions to the energy crises, but the university can take actions to minimize energy consumption and resultant environmental impact. Conservation, Efficiency, and Renewables are the trio of practices that the university can do to mitigate energy usage impact and help to sustain our planet. These energy- use practices along with energy efficient building design using low-impact, long-lasting materials, programs for energy conservation, and environmentally friendly house-keeping practices, reduce a campus's negative environmental impact and contribute to sustainability.

In addition to the environmental benefits energy conservation and efficiency provide, they also help to minimize a campus' energy related operating costs, insuring that adequate funds are available to maintain a university's infrastructure and programs.

Our campus environment is dynamic, buildings are constantly being added and renovated. As the the university continues to evolve, programs and ideas for greater energy conservation progressively develop.

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