Our Team

Meet our Office of Advancement Staff

Karen Aarestad photo

Karen Aarestad

Assistant Vice Chancellor

Multidisciplinary Centers
Schools and Colleges

Tel: (w) 303-724-7400
Tel: (c) 303-503-5484
Email: karen.aarestad@cuanschutz.edu

Brie Aguila photo

Brie Aguila

Assistant Vice Chancellor

External Relations

Tel: (w) 303-724-8202
Email: brie.aguila@cuanschutz.edu

Scott Arthur photo

Scott Arthur

Vice Chancellor, Advancement

Team Leader

Tel: (w) 303-724-8469
Tel: (c) 614-315-1566
Email: scott.arthur@cuanschutz.edu

Ashley Blubaugh photo

Ashley Blubaugh

Philanthropic Advisor

Mental and Behavioral Health

Tel: (w) 303-724-3875
Email: ashley.blubaugh@cuanschutz.edu

Vanessa Duran photo

Vanessa Duran

Philanthropic Advisor

Alumni Relations
Alumni Philanthropy

Tel: (w) 303-724-2517
Email: vanessa.duran@cuanschutz.edu

Ellen Golberg photo

Ellen Goldberg

Philanthropic Advisor

Department of Ophthalmology

Tel: (w) 720-848-5018
Tel: (c) 720-626-1698
Email: ellen.goldberg@cuanschutz.edu

Jim hodge photo

Jim Hodge

Associate Vice Chancellor


Tel: (w) 303-724-8851
Tel: (c) 507-319-6021
Email: james.hodge@cuanschutz.edu

Kyle Jaccaud Smith photo

Kyle Jaccaud-Smith

Executive Director
of Major Gifts

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Tel: (w) 303-724-7906
Email: kyle.jaccaudsmith@cuanschutz.edu

Allison Krebs photo

Allison Krebs

Assistant Vice Chancellor

School of Medicine

Tel: (w) 303-724-6342
Tel: (c) 720-219-2287
Email: allison.krebs@cuanschutz.edu

Marti Laule photo

Marti Laule

Philanthropic Liaison

Faculty Relations

Tel: (w) 303-724-6332
Tel: (c) 720-202-7845
Email: marti.laule@cuanschutz.edu

Travis Leiker photo

Travis Leiker

Philanthropic Advisor

Alumni Philanthropy
CHA/PA and Physical Therapy Programs

Tel: (w) 303-724-2754
Tel: (c) 303-817-5744
Email: travis.leiker@cuanschutz.edu

Hayley Nelson photo

Hayley Nelson

Philanthropic Liaison

Faculty Relations

Tel: (w) 303-724-4302
Email: hayley.nelson@cuanschutz.edu

Elizabeth Hepworth photo

Elizabeth Otten Hepworth

Philanthropic Advisor

Center for Women's Health Research
Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes

Tel: (w) 303-724-8197
Tel: (c) 303-547-4995
Email: elizabeth.hepworth@cuanschutz.edu

Kara Padgett photo

Kara Padgett

Senior Director, Alumni Relations

Tel: (w) 303-724-2517
Email: kara.padgett@cuanschutz.edu

Marcus Palas

Marcus Palas

Philanthropic Advisor

Department of Psychiatry
Johnson Depression Center

Tel: (w) 720-261-4443
Email: marcus.palas@cuanschutz.edu

Jerry Sinning photo

Jerry Sinning

Philanthropic Liaison

Hospital Relations

Tel: (w) 303-724-7825
Email: jerry.sinning@cuanschutz.edu

Melissa Staten photo

Melissa Staten

Philanthropic Advisor

Mental and Behavioral Health 


Tel: (w) 303-724-4964
Tel: (c) 303-249-2294
Email: melissa.staten@cuanschutz.edu

Laura Strand photo

Laura Strand

Lead Strategist

Patient Engagement

Tel: (w) 303-724-3857
Email: laura.strand@cuanschutz.edu

Michael Tortoro photo

Michael Tortoro

Philanthropic Advisor

Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine
Center for Bioethics and Humanities

Tel: (w) 303-724-7618
Email: michael.tortoro@cuanschutz.edu

Lisa Vandetty Photo

Lisa Vandetty

Philanthropic Advisor

Colorado School of Public Health

Tel: (w) 303-724-8170
Email: lisa.vandetty@cuanschutz.edu

Jonathan Wanderstock photo

Jonathan Wanderstock

Philanthropic Advisor

Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Tel: (w) 303-724-9721
Email: jonathan.wanderstock@cuanschutz.edu

Colin Ware photo

Colin Ware

Director, Gift Planning

Gift Planning
Leadership Giving

Tel: (w) 720-345-9911
Email: colin.ware@cu.edu

Carolyn Wilson photo

Carolyn Wilson

Director, Communications, Design & Strategic Initiatives

Tel: (w) 303-724-9322
Email: carolyn.wilson@cuanschutz.edu

Lauren Wise photo

Lauren Wise

Philanthropic Advisor

Alumni Philanthropy

Tel: (w) 303-724-6260
Email: lauren.wise@cuanschutz.edu