Bioengineering Pitch Night

| 12:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Pitch Night is entering its fourth year as an annual Biomedical Engineering Student Chapter (BMES) event.  It’s a fun and exciting strategy designed to match our Bioengineering students with work that you need to accomplish!  It is a great opportunity for you to recruit Bioengineering undergraduate and graduate students to join your team!  It also provides our students with real-world research and development experiences.  

Because of the pandemic, we are restructuring Pitch Night to a virtual environment (Zoom) and will be hosting it on a Friday afternoon (October 30th, noon to 4:30 pm).  The event is structured to provide each Project Lead/Principal Investigator the opportunity to present a project using the attached slide deck. 

Each presenter is limited to ONE FIVE-MINUTE pitch.  We recognize that some presenters have more than one project.  Please pitch ONLY ONE.  You can use the last slide to indicate you have other projects or, you can ask a colleague to pitch an additional project.  It’s up to you!  We love making this a fun, engaging and low-stress event for our students and for you!  Feel free to generate a bit of excitement and fun along with your pitch!

Please see the attached flyer and PPT template for information on the upcoming, October 30th, NOON TO 4:30PM Pitch Night session for 2020!   

Download the Pitch Powerpoint Template >>>

Contact: for content questions and for logistics. 


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