Invention & Copyrighted Material Disclosure Process and Portal Access

The process of submitting disclosure forms has changed. Disclosures will now be submitted electronically through the new Sophia inventor portal. In addition, inventors can now track inventions, IP and agreements.

Disclosure forms require a complete description of the invention or copyrighted material, relevant background information, dated signatures of all inventors, contact information and the percentage of each inventor's contribution if more than one inventor is involved. Be concise and factual; this information may be used to develop a patent application and is used during the evaluation process. Status will be updated online, and you'll receive an email with next steps. 

CU Innovations supports various research programs with diverse impacts and shares best practices institution-wide. Innovations are transferred in multiple ways, through startups, licensing, workshops, courses, collaborations, and funding through free distribution. Some innovations establish core laboratory services to apply novel techniques to outside challenges. We collaborate with industry-facing units to provide appropriate support. The goal is to partner with investigators to provide consulting and tools for translating innovations into impacts.

Different intellectual property tools are used for translating innovations, with patents and licensing being closely linked to technology transfer. If a patent is deemed suitable, CU Innovations allocates a budget for early-stage patent protection. Market analysis is conducted to assess technology value, considering factors like market size and risks. Within four months of receiving a complete disclosure, CU Innovations decides whether to invest in a patent.

IMPORTANT! Researchers are advised to submit a disclosure for any invention or copyrighted material before publishing a manuscript to ensure protection.

Early disclosure, whether written or spoken, can jeopardize the protection and commercialization of your invention or copyrighted material. Establishing personal contact and submitting a Disclosure Form promptly is a crucial first step.

Researchers should maintain precise laboratory records from the outset to document conception date and contributors, essential for addressing questions on inventor-ship and ownership.

Sophia Inventor Portal Instructions

How to access, submit a disclosure form and track progress

Welcome to the Sophia inventor portal, a hub for managing and protecting your inventions and copyrighted materials. Follow these instructions to submit one of three disclosure forms: invention (IDF), software/copyrightable materials and biological material forms. 

Upon submission, our team will review and provide progress updates. Also, the portal allows you to track your inventions, intellectual property (IP) and agreements. Note: access instructions vary based on your university credentials. 

Accessing the Sophia Inventor Portal

Navigating Sophia

Follow instructions below to submit a disclosure: 

Choose Your Form

Select the appropriate submission form from the “tasks” box. Shown below: 

Note: submission forms are listed by campus and disclosure type. Select a form based on the campus you are a part of and the disclosure you are making. For example, if you are an Anschutz inventor submitting an invention disclosure, select this form: 
(Anschutz/UCD-Bio) Invention Form


Enter Form Information

Click to open the disclosure form and answer the form questions that appear. 


List Inventors

Please enter all inventors, including yourself. Use the plus sign to add additional inventors. 

Note: when the plus sign is clicked, 3 blank fields will appear, either add another inventor or leave blank to proceed with your submission. Click "x" if you added an inventor but wish to remove them. 


Answer Required Questions

Any fields marked with an asterisk, as shown, are required.

By clicking yes, additional questions may appear which are also required. 

Note: Once you've answered all of the required questions on a page, click the "Next" button to save your progress. In progress submission forms will not be saved unless you hit "Next". You can find and edit in progress forms in the “Your Submissions” home page widget. The (submission) track code will allow you to review progress of your submission form.


Review & Submit

On the last page of the form, you can review your answers and add notes or related files. Your “submission” track code will be shown on this page as well. Once you are ready to submit, select the “submit” button.

Note: your submission will now be routed to our team for review and you will receive communications upon review. 

Follow instructions below to customize view settings to maximize usability:

Review Initial Homepage Elements

When you sign in for the first time you will see two grey sections (which are called widgets) on your home page titled:

  • Inventor Homepage: lists your invention records
  • Inventor Agreements: lists agreements where you are the PI/Person

Note: all a
greements you are associated with can be found in "Settings", however on the homepage you will only see those where you are the PI/Person.


Customize Homepage Elements

To track your submissions through Sophia, you will first use the “Customize Home Page” feature.

Select “Customize Home Page” from the “Tasks” box shown:

Next add “Your Submissions” Widget by selecting "Add to Homepage" button. 

Once "Your Submissions" appears, as shown, select “Finish”.

Note: you will now see the “Your Submissions” widget on your home page, listing only submissions you have made through the Sophia inventor portal. 

Follow instructions below to track progress of your disclosures, inventions,  agreements and IP:

Track Your Disclosures

Under the "Your Submissions" widget you can view and track status of disclosures you have entered into Sophia. Status's shown include:

  1. In process
    • form hasn't been submitted yet - must submit for review
  2. Under review
    • form has been submitted and sent to the licensing team for review - await communication
  3. Returned
    • the licensing team has reviewed and sent the form back to the inventor to be updated - update form based on direction and resubmit
  4. Accepted
    • the licensing team has accepted the form and created an associate invention record - track status of invention using "Inventor Homepage" widget

Note: Your invention record will be assigned a (invention) track code. An example is 2024-207, listed under "Inventor Homepage" in the photo above, formerly CUXXXXX. 


Track Your Inventions

Under the "Inventor Homepage" widget you can view and track status of your inventions.

Click the “No.” for a specific invention listed in the “Inventor Homepage” widget to see more information. 

The invention record will open and display related information such as inventors, attorneys, sponsor organizations, related IP & agreements, and related inventions.


Track Your Agreements

Under the "Inventor Agreements" widget you can view and track status of agreements.

Click the “No.” for a specific agreement listed in the “Inventor Agreements” widget to see more information. 

The agreement record will open and display related information such as organizations, persons/PI, inventions, IP, parent agreement, related agreements and attorneys. 


Track Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Under the "Settings" button you can view and track status of your IP in Sophia.

Click the “No.” for a specific IP listed in the “Intellectual Properties” section to see more information. 

The IP record will open and display related information such as patent ownership, intellectual property inventors, attorneys, inventions, patent hierarchy and directly related agreements.

Note: you can also find related IP listed under corresponding invention and agreement records.

Follow instructions below for additional navigation options: 

Navigate to Home Page

Select the blue bar labeled  “Home” at anytime to return to your homepage. 


View Account Information

Click the “Settings” button below your name to find additional information, including your personal information and all invention, IP and agreement records. 


Find Recently Viewed Pages

Click the “Favorites” button below your name to see frequently viewed and recently viewed pages. 

Note: currently there is not an option to favorite pages.

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