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Interested in licensing technologies from the university? 

We offer streamlined licensing for companies interested in CU technologies. They aim to balance financial return for the university with real-world impact. CU has over 150 exclusive and 200 non-exclusive licenses with industry partners, resulting in FDA-approved drugs and medical devices.

Startups in a variety of markets

Faculty and Research Ventures Developed by CU Anschutz University Technology and Innovation. Explore our list of startups for potential investment opportunities. A variety of markets are represented including therapeutics, healthcare devices and tools, engineering and technology and more.

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Research findings go direct to patient care

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus hosts two hospitals on-site: UCHealth and Children’s Hospital Colorado, each with their own innovation centers. The proximity of these hospitals to the university’s research facilities enables direct application of research findings to patient care. The exchange of ideas, expertise and real-world feedback to researchers enhances both the quality of healthcare and the advancement in medical research. This unique setup fosters a collaborative environment leading to innovative solutions in healthcare.

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Collaborative and streamlined licensing process

We aim to meet industry partner needs through streamlined licensing. Dual goals are to generate a fair financial return for the university while maximizing the real-world impact of CU technologies. CU shares commercialization risk by setting reasonable initial licensing fees and receiving royalties when products are sold. They have both exclusive and non-exclusive licenses with industry partners, resulting in successful agreements and the development of drugs and medical devices. 

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