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Explore the journey and achievements of CU Innovations through our economic and annual reports. Discover how we advance precision medicine, develop telemedicine solutions, contribute to the economy, and build strong partnerships. Our reports show how we're shaping the future of healthcare at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Celebrate diversity, resilience, and breakthroughs by reading about our initiatives, successes, and inspiring stories.
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Economic Impact Report

CU Innovations serves as a dynamic hub, uniting campus research, data science, clinical care, venture capital, and the pharmaceutical industry. Their mission? To empower CU researchers in creating biomedical technologies that enhance global quality of life. In 2023 remarkable milestones were achieved including: 145 invention disclosures, 189 patents filed, 41 licensing deals, and significant startup financing. These efforts reverberated globally, with commercial relationships spanning 86 organizations. Notably, CUI’s economic impact was substantial, both in Colorado and across the U.S. Beyond borders, CUI’s influence extended to Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, China, and Australia.



Annual Reports

2023 CU Innovations Annual Report cover Join us in celebrating a year of trailblazing innovation with CU Innovations. Our annual report showcases our journey in advancing precision medicine, accelerating discoveries, and reshaping clinical trial design. Startups highlighted include OncoVerity, RefinedScience, Spyglass Pharma, Arrive Health and BioIntelliSense, to name a few. Discover how our portfolio companies thrived, securing capital and gaining market traction. Learn about our commitment to diversity and equity, fostering an inclusive environment where true innovation flourishes. Read about our expanded capabilities and the incredible achievements of our internal team. Together, let's push the boundaries of healthcare, celebrate diversity, and continue to innovate with passion.

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2022 CU Innovations Annual Report cover

CU Innovations, amidst the challenges posed by the global pandemic, seized opportunities to revolutionize patient care. By partnering with startups, they harnessed telemedicine and technology-augmented in-home care. Notable beneficiaries include HealthRhythms and Oui Therapeutics, leveraging AI for mental health care. CU Innovations also invested in Babyscripts for remote monitoring of pregnant patients and supported Reimagine Care’s shift to home-centered cancer care. Additionally, they funded 14 translational medicine projects, including gene therapy for glaucoma and promising cancer treatments. Their Startup Foundry accelerates startups from idea to market. Despite COVID-19, CU Innovations recognized and capitalized on transformative possibilities.

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2020 CU Innovations Annual Report coverCU Innovations celebrated groundbreaking achievements in 2020. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, faculty and staff responded with resilience, developing novel approaches for personal protective equipment (PPE), in-house testing, diagnostics, and remote patient monitoring. Over 200 new ideas were submitted for commercialization, and startups secured over $150 million in funding. Notably, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recognized CU Anschutz as a top 5 innovation hub nationwide. In recognition of their excellence, the NIH awarded a $4 million grant to scale the CU Innovations SPARK program. Collaborations across disciplines—spanning CCTSI, the Cancer Center, Bioengineering, and the School of Pharmacy—aim to empower faculty through educational opportunities, grant funding, and mentorship. With these achievements, we honor the world-renowned clinicians and researchers who contribute to a lasting legacy of impact for patients worldwide.

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