Updated Guidance for Indoor Academic Activities & Off-Campus Events

Several important changes to campus event guidance have been put into place. Find details below on updated guidance for indoor academic activities and off-campus events, as well as general event reminders. 

Indoor Academic Activities & Classes
New Guidance:

  • Academic units may now schedule classes or academic activities for their students that exceed the posted COVID capacity limit in a campus space - and for fully vaccinated students and faculty to meet in that space without wearing masks - when necessary.
  • It is the full responsibility of the academic unit to ensure every individual in attendance is either fully vaccinated, or wears a mask and maintains at least 6 feet of distance from others, for the duration of the activity/class. When the vaccination status of a person is unknown, they must comply with the same protocols as unvaccinated individuals.
  • Units may choose to implement stricter masking and/or distancing requirements if desired. Please remember that anyone may choose to continue wearing a mask on campus, even after vaccination.

Off-Campus Events
New Guidance:

  • If you are planning an event at an off-campus location, note that dean/vice chancellor-level approval is required only if attendance will exceed 45 people. Please contact your dean’s/vice chancellor’s office directly with such requests. Approved events may be booked directly through the event venue.
  • Off-campus events of 45 or fewer attendees may be booked directly through the off-campus venue without prior approval.
  • In all cases, attendees must follow protocols in place at the event venue and local public health authority. You may choose to require stricter masking and/or distancing requirements than the venue and public health authority if desired.

General Event Reminders

COVID capacity limits remain in place for indoor campus classrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms, and event size impacts the booking process. COVID capacity limits will be re-evaluated once the vaccine verification and exemption request process is in place.

Events of more than 45 attendees require approval. On-campus events of more than 45 attendees require completion of the Application to Host an In-Person Activity form 72 business hours or more prior to the event date for review and approval. Off-campus events of more than 45 attendees require dean/vice chancellor approval, as noted above.

Masks are generally required for everyone attending indoor events of more than 45 people and/or when attendance exceeds posted COVID capacity, except in the case of academic activities/classes for which the academic unit can ensure all attendees are fully vaccinated and/or wearing masks and physical distancing, as noted above. Masks are required at all times for unvaccinated individuals indoors.

Invited guests and campus visitors must follow the same campus protocols as students and employees, and the event planner/sponsoring unit must ensure their guests are informed of and adhere to those protocols.

Unvaccinated students, employees and visitors must wear a mask indoors at all times, as well as complete the daily health questionnaire and maintain physical distancing.


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