Events & Gatherings: What You Need to Know

June 22, 2021

*Please note: off-campus event guidance was amended 6/24

Space is at a premium on campus, as students begin to return for in-person coursework and our community puts plans in place for fall 2021. On-campus space for essential summer academic activity is now accounted for, and remaining available space* has been released for general booking by designated administrators in the EMS room reservation system.

Starting June 21, new rules apply for booking campus space for events, meetings and gatherings scheduled through September 1, 2021.** Event size impacts the booking process, and COVID capacity limits remain in place for indoor campus classrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms. 

COVID capacity limits are posted within rooms on campus, in the EMS room reservation system and in the event FAQ on the campus coronavirus website. COVID capacity limits are required at this time as our campus is not yet formally tracking vaccination, and will be re-evaluated once the vaccine verification and exemption request process is in place.

How to Book a Meeting or Event on Campus

  • 45 or fewer attendees: Simply request your desired space in EMS, referencing posted COVID capacity limits when selecting your room. 
    • If your meeting or event size falls within the room’s COVID capacity: Attendees may meet without wearing masks unless decided otherwise by meeting planners and/or participants. Unvaccinated individuals must wear a mask indoors at all times, as well as complete the daily health questionnaire and maintain physical distancing.
    • If your meeting or event exceeds posted COVID capacity, and you have received formal campus approval: You may hold a meeting in the approved space provided all attendees wear a mask. Chairs/tables can be adjusted to suit, and you must return the room to COVID capacity set-up after your meeting.
    • Department-controlled meeting spaces will be released to department booking administrators following review of an EMS training video. Details to come from Technology Support Services; contact with questions.
  • More than 45 attendees: Complete the Application to Host an In-Person Activity form 72 business hours or more prior to event date for review and approval, referencing posted COVID capacity limits when selecting your desired space. 
    • If your request falls within a room’s COVID capacity: It will be reviewed to ensure alignment with campus safety protocols.
    • If your request exceeds a room’s COVID capacity: You may be scheduled in one of a limited number of designated large-event spaces on campus.
    • All attendees of indoor events of more than 45 people must wear a mask.

Precautions & Protocols

  • Unvaccinated students, employees and visitors attending indoor campus events must follow established protocols at all times on campus:
  • Masks are required of all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, at indoor events of more than 45 attendees, and/or when attendance exceeds posted COVID capacity.
  • Invited speakers, participants and guests must follow established campus protocols
  • Outdoor events of more than 45 attendees must undergo the same application and review process as noted above for indoor events. 
  • Off-campus events of more than 45 people require approval by the dean or vice chancellor of the school or unit organizing the event, regardless of whether university funds are being used. Approved events deemed university-sanctioned may be booked directly through the event venue. Off-campus events of 45 or fewer attendees do not require approval, and may be booked directly through the event venue. In all cases, attendees must follow protocols in place at the event venue and local public health authority.
  • Alcohol approvals are required and the process remains as it was pre-pandemic.
  • Food is allowed at events of 45 or fewer attendees. For events of more than 45 attendees, approval is required using the Application to Host an In-Person Activity form
  • In all cases, please reference CU’s sensitive expenditures guidance here for details on allowable event expenses, food and beverage, funding sources and necessary approvals.
  • Events involving paid registrations must use Cvent or CU Storefronts to collect online payment. Fundraising events and events with paid sponsorships are required to use Cvent to collect online gifts and sponsorship payments. Contact with questions.

The Anschutz Health Sciences Building is not available for booking at this time.

**Requests for on-campus events taking place after September 1 through June 30, 2022, may also be made at this time. Room assignments will be made after July 16, and classroom requests for spring 2022 granted later this fall.



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