COVID-19 & the CU Anschutz Community

October 16, 2020

Get Your Flu Vaccine

As we enter the flu season while also facing a rise in COVID-19 cases in Colorado, we must do all we can to support the health of our campus and community.

To safeguard our colleagues and those we serve, while helping to prevent overwhelming demand on our hospitals and providers, CU Anschutz strongly encourages flu vaccinations for all students, faculty and staff as early as possible, especially for those approved for on-campus activity.

Hold That Thought!

Those on campus may notice new signs in the elevators, asking you to pause your conversation. Talking in small spaces generates aerosols and may lead to COVID-19 spread. Please hold your conversation until everyone has exited the elevator. Thank you for helping keep #CUAnschutzTogether.

You Are Note Alone: "Past The Pandemic" For Healthcare Providers Series: 10/20 - 12/15

A statewide initiative called “Past the Pandemic,” brings healthcare workers across Colorado an eight-session series on mental well-being and resilience-building, beginning 10/20. Learn more and register for the series here.

Frontline care providers and staff are at high risk for stress, anxiety and other challenges at this time. The CU Department of Psychiatry offers additional mental health services including support groups, individual assistance, hotlines and more

Stay Connected: Learn How To Recognize Student Distress: 10/23 Webinar

Teaching virtually presents unique challenges for educators and can make connecting with students difficult. Join Mandy Doria, LPC, for “Staying Connected in a Virtual World: How to Recognize Student Distress" on Friday, 10/23, from 12 - 1:30 p.m. Learn how to recognize signs of distress or developing mental health problems in students, and how to connect them with helpful resources. Register here.

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