Join the TIN

Why Join the TIN?

The Tech Innovation Network (TIN) provides evidence-based content and an opportunity to join a community knowledgeable about cutting-edge innovation in mental health tech. Other benefits include: 

  • Access to a supportive network for technology implementation
  • Broaden understanding of technology for mental health and well-being
  • Share best practices for leveraging technology
  • Access to research opportunities 
I feel that the TIN team does a great job of providing training, resources, feedback, and guidance whenever needed. This is a great opportunity for an organization to learn...  – Hospital Clinician

How to Join the TIN?

The Tech Innovation Network (TIN) would not exist without the organizations that are a part of it, which is why our team has tried to make joining an easy and straightforward process. Interested organizations can join the TIN in three steps:

  1. Attend an Info Session
  2. Complete an Application, and 
  3. Attend an On Boarding Training

After joining organizations in the TIN participate in monthly meetings and other ongoing TIN activities or projects

Are you a tech company interested in talking to us more about involvement with the TIN? Please fill out our Tech Interest Form and see our Tech Partners page for more details. 

Complete a TIN Interest Form

This is the starting point! Organizations interested in joining the Tech Innovation Network (TIN) should complete and interest form. Once we receive an interest form, a team member will reach out to invite you to an information session, which typically occur every second Wednesday of the month at noon. In the info session you will learn about the benefits of joining the TIN, what support to expect from our team, and more about how to join.