How it Works

Who Is a Part of the TIN? 

The Tech Innovation Network (TIN) is a formalized network which aims to connect clinical and community sites with technology partners to drive the development, testing, and validation of digital tools for mental health care.

The TIN consists of a variety of clinical and community sites, including:

  • Community Mental Health Clinics
  • Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Clinics
  • K-12 Schools and Higher Education
  • State and Corrections Agencies
  • Hospitals and Private Practices

…and more!

TIN is a network of like-minded groups and organizations that are interested in leveraging technology to increase efficiency, productivity and provide tools that can be used to promote general wellness.
- Non-profit Manger

What Sort of Technology?

Most organizations enter the TIN by utilizing virtual reality (VR) equipment and content provided by NMHIC. TIN sites test and evaluate the content with their patient and client populations to help inform tech companies on how to safely and effectively develop content specifically for mental health. VR is not the only technology we use within the TIN; we also offer mobile applications and wearables!

NMHIC and its TIN team, brokers a relationship between tech companies in early stage development with community or clinical sites who are willing to implement the technology during a trial period to test and inform the effectiveness of the product. Our TIN clinical and community sites help tech companies curate and tailor their products and play a significant role informing effective applications of technology content within real world, patient-centered settings.