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Tech Company Partnerships
The National Mental Health Innovation Center (NMHIC) and its Tech Innovation Network (TIN) partner with tech companies building next generation technology solutions to transform mental health. The work the center does with its tech partners is continually evolving, as are the companies that NMHIC collaborates with. Summarized on this page are areas of work we can provide to tech partners, as well as brief descriptions of our current tech partners.

Tech Partner Interest Form

If you are a tech company that has an interest in working with us, please fill out this brief interest from. We look forward to discussing ways in which we could work together.

You have been hugely influential on the development of our product, our approach of going to market and most of the decisions we've made. -CEO, Tech Partner 

Current Tech Partners

Tripp VR Company Logo

 More information about TRIPP

TRIPP has created a powerful virtual reality meditation experience which utilizes proven mindfulness structures and provides users a unique experience each session with content that updates daily. 

Oxford VR Company Logo

More information about OVR 

Oxford VR (OVR) develops psychological interventions based on proven treatment protocols and delivers them through immersive virtual reality technology that enables greater access to cost-effective and high-quality mental health treatments. 

iRel8 Company Logo

More information about iRel8

iRel8 is a global, anonymous peer empowerment and support platform focused on promoting mental wellness by bringing people together in a safe digital community.

Vital Neuro Company Logo

More information about Vital Neuro

Vital Neuro has developed brain sensing headphones and a cloud-based application that combines EEG sensors, visual feedback, and music to create individualized meditation sessions that help users reduce stress, increase focus, and improve overall performance.

Limbix Company Logo

 More information about Limbix  

Limbix focuses on prescription digital therapeutics that improve access to mental health resources for teens and adolescents, and more specifically has developed Limbix Spark an investigational digital therapeutic for adolescent depression. 

Osiris Labs Company Logo

More information about Osiris

Osiris uses virtual reality training to spread empathy in order to decrease harassment, discrimination, biases, and various workplace compliance and business conduct issues. Osiris uses authentic and accessible stories to create personalized learning that has a lasting impact.