Sai Allareddy is a rising senior at Grandview High School. She has a strong passion for science and medicine, and is involved in a multitude of clinical extracurriculars. She works at Children’s Hospital CO with the Medical Career Collaborative program, is on the Junior Volunteer Board for Children’s, and has done research in biochemical processes behind tinnitus. Sai has a very deep-rooted interest in mental and brain health: not only to educate herself and others about different mental illnesses but also to reduce the excessive stigmatization of said illnesses. During the pandemic, she began working with Mental Health Colorado on the Brain Wave to educate political leaders on mental illness and substance abuse to change public and political views on psychological disorders.  Sai is dedicated to one day being able to make healthcare –primary care, mental health care, and more– accessible and equitable for all. She hopes to work in public policy to equalize disadvantaged areas and people. She is excited to work with the NMHIC to expand her knowledge on accessible health care and general brain/mental health statistics, and she hopes to contribute her own knowledge to this work. In her free time, Sai loves to hang out with her family and friends (and her adorable mini Aussie), cook, and watch sappy rom-coms.

Anvit Sidhu is a rising senior at Cherokee Trail High School. Combined with involvement in school groups and organizations outside of school, Anvit has remained lifelong dedicated to researching the implications of mental health and neurological issues in our society. Throughout the past few years, especially within the pandemic, Anvit has acknowledged the perforating problems that trauma brings on one’s mental and physical health, so he meshed his passions into finding better methods of dealing with trauma and overall underlying mental health conditions. As he studies these topics, Anvit finds great importance in having visible implications of his research. In his free time, Anvit enjoys playing basketball, enjoying outside activities, embracing his passion for cars, and developing memories with his family and friends.

Alex is a passionate and driven young student currently studying pre-med psychology at the University of Colorado Denver. Alex has a genuine love for learning and the sciences. He is working to get into medical school to study psychiatry to help push the field in new, innovative directions. Making sure care is the best it can be and can reach as many people as possible. NHMIC just seemed like a perfect fit for him because of this! Born and raised in North Carolina Alex has followed a strange and winding road to end up here today. Alex has been a hardcore gamer all his life, starting playing at a young age, and when he had to leave the academic world to focus on personal well-being he became a professional Magic: the Gathering player, traveling internationally to compete in tournaments. After a year and a half of competing, Alex returned to the academic world to pursue a career in psychology. Alex has worked on a genuine smorgasbord of projects over the years including; running his high school's LGBT+ club for multiple years, directing a play, playing a wide variety of instruments, running a chatroom to help young people manage their mental health and connect with others, and of course, competing in many gaming tournaments.

Alyssa is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Public Health with a concentration in Population Mental Health and Wellbeing from the Colorado School of Public Health, CU Anschutz Campus. In 2020, Alyssa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Neuroscience and Biology from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Recently relocating from central Minnesota to live in Aurora, Colorado, Alyssa loves to spend time exploring the city’s restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops, as well as getting outside to hike and enjoy the mountain views.

Since beginning her graduate degree, Alyssa has been involved with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as an intern with the Foodborne, Enteric, and Waterborne Disease team and currently works with the Colorado Integrated Foodborne Safety Center of Excellence. These opportunities have allowed Alyssa to develop skills related to applied epidemiology, which they hope to integrate into their future work in mental health promotion and interpersonal violence prevention. At NMHIC, Alyssa collaborates with staff members to assist with various research projects and tasks such as data analysis, literature reviews, and other written materials.                                    

What Our Previous Interns Are Saying 

My internship experience at NMHIC was excellent! The project and tasks I was assigned allowed me to both use the tools and skills I already had, as well as start to develop areas I wasn't quite familiar with. Moreover, both my supervisors and coworkers were incredibly polite, understanding, and helpful! If I ever felt lost or confused about what to do next I knew I could just ask for help. I feel I grew tremendously both academically and as a person over the course of my internship and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested.