Ben Gurion University

The Mower Visiting Scholar at Ben Gurion University

​The Mower Visiting Scholar at Ben Gurion University's Regional Alcohol & Drug Abuse Research Center is co-sponsored by the Center for Bioethics and Humanities and the Division of General Internal Medicine.
The Mower Visiting Scholar Program is intended to promote a dynamic relationship between the University of Colorado and Israel’s Ben Gurion University (BGU). The aim is to promote research capacity at BGU in the area of substance use by providing opportunities for CU researchers to provide training, workshops, symposia and joint research development on site at BGU.​

The Program is generously funded by Drs. Tobia and Morton Mower and it supports several individual visits by researchers from CU to Israel each year to carry out workshops or symposia and collaborate with Israeli researchers working in similar areas. The Program will fund 2-3 Visiting Scholars per year. Each visit is expected to last from 1-3 weeks.

Dr. Susan Calcaterra​, had the pleasure of traveling to Be'er Sheva, Israel in 2019, to represent the University of Colorado as the innaugural Mower Visiting Scholar.  While at Ben Gurion University, Dr. Calcaterra met with various faculty members to determine potential partners for research collaborations in the field of substance use disorders. She was introduced to faculty members in the Department of Social Work, Nursing, Emergency Services as well as faculty members in the hospital setting. Dr. Calcaterra was introduced to the President of Ben Gurion University, Dr. Chamovitz, and learned of his vision for the University's future.
Faculty at Ben Gurion UniversityDr. Calcaterra gave a talk entitled, Too Much of a Good Thing: When the Use of Marijuana Becomes a Public Health Crisis, to Ben Gurion nursing students. After her time at Ben Gurion University, she traveled to Tel Aviv where she toured the city on foot and saw famous sites including Rothschild Boulevard and the Carmel Market. She also enjoyed spending time looking out into Mediterranean Sea.  As the Mort and Toby Mower Visiting Scholar, Dr. Calcaterra looks forward to ongoing collaboration between faculty members at Ben Gurion University and CU with the generous support of The Mowers.
Questions should be directed to Dr. Eric G. Campbell at the Center for Bioethics and Humanities.