Guidance: Triage for Crisis Standards of Care

Healthcare providers have a duty to plan for worst case crisis scenarios, even if every possible measure to avoid experiencing them is taken.  This triage document developed by experts on behalf of UC Health is now available in the interest of transparency and so that it may serve as a resource for other hospitals and health institutions. 

The crisis triage criteria and processes focus on allocating resources by fairly accessing which patients are most likely to survive by a triage team separate from the care team doing a blinded review in which they do not see anything which isn’t medically relevant about patients, including race/ethnicity, age, occupation, ability to pay, disability status and other facts that may lead to bias. 

It was reviewed in draft form by experts in diverse fields including bioethics, critical care, nursing, public health, infectious diseases, guidance development, pastoral care, social work and more. We received valuable feedback and comments from patients and families, including people with disabilities and their advocates and other members of the public.

View the UCHealth Crisis Standards of Care Policy