Pre K Grant Review Program

Assists postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty and their mentors in the writing of successful career development awards by providing a local pre-review of K applications (and their equivalents). Equivalent CDAs should meet the following criteria and include the RFA with the LOI/Application:

Students in a library

Protected time - budget should cover most, if not all, of the PI salary (at least 50% of effort).

Research support - budget should provide resources to perform the research.

Mentored proposal, with both a research plan and a training plan.

As a part of this program, mock grant reviews will be conducted on a rolling basis, corresponding with NIH deadlines, and will enable post-docs, fellows, new faculty, and others to take advantage of internal expertise in writing mentor letters, career development plans, and specific aims. This program is intended for grants that are being submitted in the current NIH cycle!

In order to get the most out of this program we highly encourage participants to have their proposals pre-reviewed by their mentor (or mentoring team) and a scientific expert in their field prior to submission of the application. Applicants are required to participate in the entire mock review. Mentors are strongly encouraged to participate as well.

A letter of intent is required. Please only submit a letter if you are definitely planning to participate in the review session as this is how we select our reviewers and plan for the mock session. Include your specific aims and abstract (typically comprised of your scope of work, questions and summary of approach) when you submit the letter of intent. Your suggestions on possible reviewers are also required.

The full application must include the following sections (if they are not submitted, the grant will not be reviewed): candidate, career development, summary statement (for resubmitted proposals), *mentor letter with mentoring plan*, research plan (including specific aims), biosketches for applicant and mentors.

Note: Letters of support are strongly encouraged.