Clinical Science Graduate Program (CLSC)

The goal of this program is to train nationally competitive clinician/clinical translational scientists by providing a formal and structured educational program in the clinical and translational sciences including formal mentoring with interdisciplinary faculty. Graduates are trained to conduct rigorous, credible and relevant patient-based research within stringent ethical and regulatory guidelines, and translate the evidence for community application.

In our program, training occurs across many disciplines to achieve proficiency in the areas of clinical science, clinical investigation and translation, including:

  • biostatistics
  • clinical epidemiology
  • clinical studies design
  • ethics
  • grant writing

The mission of the Clinical Science Graduate Program is to prepare and train nationally competitive clinician/clinical translational scientists.

To provide a comprehensive knowledge of translational research methods and techniques in clinical science in order to train and further prepare clinician scientists.

Core Competencies

  • Perform human research that adheres to the principles and guidelines of ethical conduct
  • Critically appraise existing literature and sources of information
  • Apply evidence based practice principals
  • Accurately select, use and interpret commonly used statistics
  • Apply and use appropriate study designs and methods to address research questions/hypotheses
  • Identify and measure clinically relevant and meaningful outcomes
  • Design and conduct research studies
  • Adhere to legal, ethical and regulatory issues related to clinical research
  • Publish research-based manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals
  • Prepare and submit grant proposals
  • Provide constructive reviews and feedback to colleagues
  • Demonstrate effective communication and leadership skills
  • Participate in interdisciplinary collaboration
International Applicant Additional Admission Criteria

​In addition to the general admission requirements listed above, international applicants must meet additional requirements dictated by the University. For additional information about these requirements, please review the International Student Requirements for Graduate School admissions.

CCTSI is supported in part by Colorado CTSA Grant UL1 TR002535 from NCATS/NIH
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